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We're excited that you're interested in being a part of the Arts & Drama Team here at Kingdom Life Church! It is an energetic, challenging and rewarding ministry. Though this ministry has many moving parts,  we have created a short process to become a regularly scheduled member of our team. 

Prayerfully you have consider your involvement and know that it will require spiritual maturity and musical expertise. We ask that you are aware of our time commitment and that you read the following information in its entirety. With the support of your family we ask you to fill out the application below and click submit and our Worship Leader will contact you about your application and schedule an audition. 

here's how...




  • Flexible scheduling for service
  • Arriving on time for practice and services
  • Come prepared with your part 
  • Wednesday rehearsals 8:00 pm-9:30 pm
  • Sunday warm-up 9:00 am - 9:30 am
  • Personal practice at home
  • Worship rehearsal with team
  • Open communications
  • Commitment to serve
  • Dress standard
  • Active Membership at KLC
  • Ability to lead when called upon
  • Must have a teachable spirit
  • Possess musical skills 
  • Contribute to the Team


  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Committed to attending and giving at KLC
  • Demonstrate technical competence
  • Ability to express your praise/worship
  • Weekly practice sessions
  • Commitment to being spiritually prepared

Worship Teams

  • Praise and Worship 
  • Senior Choir 
  • Deacon Choir 
  • Youth Choir 
  • Jr Choir 
  • Halal Dance

Steps to Join

  • Become a Member by completing NMC
  • Complete online Worship Application
  • Confirm date/time for audition and interview
  • Participate in audition and interview
  • Complete 6 week probationary period
  • Practice with a Team

Audition Process

Once you submit your application, the Worship Assistant will contact you to arrange an audition time. They will communicate with you prior to the rehearsal about the song or songs for your are audition. Usually we ask that you learn one or two songs from the set list for that particular weekend.

Auditions are, by nature a little intimidating. We will try to make the process as relaxed as possible. In some cases, it may be evident that an applicant's skills have not developed enough to serve on a regularly scheduled basis. Should this be the case, those conducting the audition will give some advice on how the applicant can improve. After some time and practice another audition may be scheduled.
After you have joined, the office will set up an account for you on Planning Center. This is an online service planning website where band members, songs and service flow are scheduled and posted. It allows our worship team members to access chord charts and lyric sheets, as well as mp3's of songs used in worship.

After your account is set up and you have access to the resources you need, you're ready to go. The Worship Leader is in charge of scheduling vocalists and instrumentalists. The frequency with which you are scheduled will depend on how many applicants are ahead of you and the information you provide on the application (i.e. experience, availability).

Persons are expected to look over the church’s website and familiarize themselves with the church’s mission and vision statements. Applicants will also need to supply at least one character reference.


All interviews will be scheduled after the application  has been completed.
It is our goal to schedule an interview within a week of receiving the completed application.

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