Cash app

We are excited to share with you another option to online giving. It’s dead-simple to set up and even easier to use.  
Simply download the app on your phone (iOS or Android) or make an account from the website.  
How to Sign Up

Step 1: Enter your email address or phone number.
Step 2: Type the code you were sent to your email/phone.
Step 3: Enter your debit card information to connect your bank.
Step 4: Type your full name.
Step 5: Decide on a $Cashtag, which is a unique username people can use to send money to you.
Step 6: Enter your ZIP code.
How to Send

Step 1: New at the bottom of the screen to open a new window where you can start the money-sending process.
Step 2: Enter an amount.
Step 3: Write out who you want to send it to.
Step 4: Then describe what the transaction is for.

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